Do you know what they think? Do you know how they feel? Do you know what do they see? How do your customers feel when visiting your place?

EVO is an online platform that allows you to know how your customers feel when they visit your place

With EVO you may know if they like your business decorations, how comfortable they feel, how often do they visit, and how long is their stay.

EVO works by using the WIFI of your venue. It studies digital behavioral patterns of your customers, guests, or visitors while they navigate using your WIFI network.

This data is registered when:

Security cameras detect movement and heat.

Your customers or visitors browse on internet by a connection given by your Access Points.

How does EVO work?

A visitor or passerby arrives at your venue.

He registers and connects to your WIFI.

He browses on internet.

He leaves your place.

The visitor comes back, and logs to your WIFI without needing to register again.

How does EVO work?


A visitor or passerby arrives at your venue.


He registers and connects to your WIFI.


He browses on internet


He leaves your place.


The visitor comes back, and logs to your WIFI without needing to register again.

Whether your venue is located at a hotel, a mall, a shopping center, self-service stores, a park, an office building, a college, or a kiosk, EVO helps you to get to know your customers.

EVO can connect to your hotel’s CRM to speed up check in process for arriving customers.

EVO can detect behavioral patterns, such as most visited areas for each customer, and to obtain a more precise customer segmentation.

At Public Spaces, such as parks, museums and recreational spaces, local, state and federal governments may benefit by offering:

  • Free Wifi
  • Online surveys (to get to know the public’s opinion over the quality of a certain service, or to request a new service)
  • To monitor visiting hours on museums, theaters, parks, and recreational spaces.
  • To supervise the quality of the services offered by vendors and public officers.

Procedures such as appointments or request for laboratory studies can be streamlined.

Improperly stored product can be detected by security cameras.

The busiest areas, which require more sanitation, can be detected by heat maps.

School procedures can be streamlined such as requesting academic records.

Most common procedures such as appointments, requests for reports, payments, or information on the status of a procedure can be streamlined

By offering free WIFI you may obtain the following data from your customers:

  • Registration data
    Name, e-mail, age, gender.
  • Social networks
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Record of a person’s visit
    to your premises during the month.
  • Average length of stay
    by gender.
  • Most used applications
    when browsing the Internet.
  • If you have venues at more than one location,
    which clients visit you in different cities, and in which seasons.

EVO connects to Cisco Meraki Security Cameras and Access Points


Discover your audience with the capabilities that your Access Points enable with evo.


Exploit movement and heat data captured by your security cameras.


Integrate sensors in refrigerators, doors or drawers and obtain alarms or statistics with Cisco Meraki sensors.

– Consulting –

We have a team of expert consultants in the integration of database administrators, file management systems, CRM and ERP applications.

If you do not have Access Points, Sensors or Security Cameras, we offer purchase and rental schemes adapted to your needs.

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